Dominica Weddings

The Commonwealth of Dominica is midway along the eastern Caribbean archipelago, a few miles north of Martinique and south of Guadeloupe. The island consists of 289 square miles inhabited by 70,000 people mainly in and around the capital city of Roseau.

Couples planning a Caribbean wedding who are into nature will find "The Nature Island" to be the perfect venue for their wedding or honeymoon. Dominica's tropical rainforests cover two-thirds of the island and are home to 1,200 plant species many of which feature colors so vibrant and dramatic that you may initially think they have been colored by man. The island is replete with rivers, lakes, streams and waterfalls. Its Morne Trois Pitons National Park was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the eastern Caribbean.

Couples interested in a unique dive experience should not miss Dominica. The sea offers volcanic vents and plunging sea walls, colorful reefs, and soft corals in addition to sea turtles and sperm whales. It is often said that Dominica is not just one of the top Caribbean diving destinations, it is one of the best diving experiences in the world. If the water beckons, a Dominica wedding might just be the ideal island for you.

Dominica offers couples planning a Caribbean wedding a peek into history with a vibrant tapestry of European and African cultures. It has the Caribbean's only remaining population of pre-Columbian Carib Indians. They inhabit a 3,700 acre territory or reserve on the eastern coast of the island.

The hotels, resorts and villas on Dominica are as diverse as its nature offerings. They range from hotels on the cliffs overlooking the sea which are a whale watchers delight, to small villas, to hotels in "downtown" Roseau overlooking the port which welcomes cruise ships on a frequent basis.

Our Wedding Specialists are available to assist you in planning your Caribbean wedding or honeymoon on Dominica. They can explain the uniqueness of available accommodations and help you select the right one for you and your guests, and their respective budgets.

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