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A Tobago Wedding

Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that comprise the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is in the southern Caribbean outside the hurricane belt and is the most tourist-oriented of the two islands because of its beautiful beaches, which do not exist in the more industrial Trinidad.

For those planning their Caribbean wedding or honeymoon in Tobago, they will find much for the couple or their wedding party to enjoy there. The main tourist activities are diving, eco-tourism, birding and relaxing on its beautiful beaches. Certainly a perfect mix of things to do while attending a Caribbean beach wedding or honeymooning on Tobago.

The island features large beaches and in planning your Caribbean wedding you'll find plenty of resort choices for the wedding couple and for your guests.

If eco-tourism is of interest, much of it centered on the protected forest in the center and north of the mail island and on Little Tobago, a small island at the northeast tip of the main island.

If the guests attending your Caribbean wedding would like to visit Trinidad, it's only a short flight on a commuter airline or a little longer ferry ride.

If your wedding party includes divers or some who want to become divers, Tobago is the place to choose because it is the most southerly of the Caribbean islands that have coral communities. It is considered to have some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. Among them are three wrecks including the Maverick Ferry which is 350 feet long and was sunk in 100 feet of water with the top of the wreck at 50 feet. As you might imagine, the wreck has an abundance of marine life around it.

Birding is a growing attraction on Tobago and a Caribbean wedding or honeymoon would not be complete without seeing some of the island's vividly colored species of birds. Your Caribbean wedding party will find guided tours to take them through the forests and explain the species of birds as well as all the other wildlife found there.

Tobago may be a relatively new island to many travelers, but you will not be disappointed if you choose this island for your Caribbean wedding or honeymoon. Call one of our Caribbean Wedding Specialists to learn more about romantic Caribbean honeymoon destinations and to book your unforgettable Caribbean wedding.

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