The weather in Antigua and Barbuda

In planning your Caribbean wedding, consider Antigua and Barbuda when you are comparing weather conditions because these islands are some of the lowest in terms of humidity. This occurs because of the lack of fresh water on the islands and, consequently, there is little moisture to cause humidity.

Although the year-round climate is quite pleasant, there are some variations. December to March are considered the cooler months and there is a rainy season from around September to November. But, remember, the annual rain fall is only around 45 inches. Even though you may encounter an occasional shower during the so-called rainy season it will only last a few minutes, just enough time for you and your Caribbean wedding party to partake of a refreshing tropical drink.

The coolest part of each day, not surprisingly, is after the sun sets. The temperature may retreat four or five degrees and, with the northeast trade winds, some may find it necessary to throw a sweater around their shoulders. Most tourists, however, find the temperature change to be refreshing and invigorating.

Our Caribbean wedding specialists are often asked about the Hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 through November. One fact the media often overlooks is that the Caribbean is a vast area and, although there may be a hurricane threat in one part of the Caribbean, that does not mean the entire Caribbean will be affected. That is almost impossible.

So, if you are looking for consistently pleasant weather conditions for your Caribbean wedding, Antigua and Barbuda should be on your list as some of the nicest island from that standpoint.

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