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The weather in Aruba

Aruba is one of the sunniest islands in the Caribbean, but don't let that make you steer away from it when planning your Caribbean wedding because it also has one of the steadiest breezes of any island, negating to a large degree the feeling of being hot. Another consideration is that because Aruba is quite dry the humidity is less that you will find on other islands.

Although the winds may at times gust, making tourists hold onto their hats, it is mainly constant. A collateral benefit of this is that there are fewer flying pests on Aruba than other Caribbean islands. The breezes generally lessen during September, when stormy weather to the north takes the winds away for a short time.

Those stormy conditions, known as hurricanes, are not a worry in Aruba so this may be an important fact in planning your Caribbean wedding. The island is a long way outside the traditional hurricane belt and as a result you can consider having your Caribbean wedding during the hurricane season of June 1 through November whereas you might steer away from this time of year when considering other island destinations.

The busiest time of the year, and therefore the costliest, is during the winter months in North America, Mid-December to Mid-April. Because this is also school season, the visitors to the island during this high season tend to be older and, because prices are higher, they tend to be wealthier as well.

Don't conclude that because of this the best time to visit Aruba to plan your Caribbean wedding is the Summer season. That is the normal vacation time for Europeans and it is also Winter in close-by South America, so Aruba is still plenty busy during the so-called low season. None the less, hotel rates are more affordable during this time and deals abound.

Because Aruba is considered the sunniest island in the Caribbean, tell your Caribbean wedding guests to bring their sun screen and wide-brim hats with them or be prepared to load up on these items when on-island.

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