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About Cozumel
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Cozumel, Mexico’s largest island and a top Caribbean dive destination, lies 12 miles off the Yucatan Peninsula.  It is separated from the mainland by a 3,000-ft-deep channel and has a population of about 65,000 people.  Cozumel is a very popular destination with beautiful beaches and an ideal location for a Caribbean beach wedding or honeymoon.


ACCOMMODATIONS - Cozumel offers a wide range of choices that will accommodate any budget.

CALLING COZUMEL - The international dialing code is (52) + 8 digits.

COMMUNICATIONS - The island is easily accessible through its telephone systems as well as Internet services.

CREDIT CARDS - All major credit cards are widely accepted as are travelers’ checks.

CURRENCY - The currency in Cozumel is the Mexican Peso. US currency, however, is accepted throughout the island.

DRINKING WATER - Bottle water is recommended.

ELECTRICITY - As in North America it is 110 Volts AC.

TIME - Eastern Standard Time.

WHAT TO WEAR - The dress code is informal by day and casually elegant by night.  Shorts and casual wear is recommended when visiting the town.  Bathing suits are for the pool and beach.

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