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About Acapulco
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One of Mexico’s most renowned beach and resort destinations, Acapulco is located on the Pacific Coast and has a year round climate ranging between 72 – 91 degrees F. Acapulco is 245 miles from Mexico City and 83 miles from Chilpancingo, the capital.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Acapulco offers a variety of hotel and resorts ranging from economy to luxury resorts.

CALLING ACAPULCO- The international dialing code is 744.

COMMUNICATIONS- The area is easily accessible through worldwide direct-dial telephone systems as well as telex and Internet services.

CREDIT CARDS- All major credit cards and travelers' checks are widely accepted.

CURRENCY- The currency in Acapulco is the Mexican Peso. US currency, however, is accepted throughout Acapulco.

DRINKING WATER- Bottle water is recommended.

ELECTRICITY – As in North America, 110 Volts AC.

TIME – Eastern Standard Time

WHAT TO WEAR – The dress code is informal by day and casually elegant by night.

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