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Island adventures in Dominica
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  • The uncharted coral reefs, dramatic walls and wrecks offer unparallel diving. One of the more famous is at Soufriere. Also referred to as ‘’Champagne”, the site reveals bubbling waters created by volcanic activity. Additionally, Douglas Bay in Cabrits National Park has underwater snorkeling trails.
  • Cabrits National Park stretches 1,313 acres and includes over 1,000 acres of marine area. The park also includes the peninsula above Portsmouth, which harbors the weathered but restored ruins of Fort Shirley, built in the 18th century. The fort was built out of local volcanic stone and boarded 600 men. This area offers a spectacular view of the bay.
  • Nearby is Prince Rupert Bay, which is a hot spot for beach picnics and snorkeling.
  • The Northern Forest Reserve houses the Caribbean’s highest mountain, Morne Diablotins. Here you can find the Sisserou and Jaco, Dominica’s native parrots. Hiking up the mountain and parrot watching are favorite activities among visitors to the island. A climb up the mountain will reward you with all the island’s various vegetation, including the oceanic rainforest, which is one of the last in the world. Guides are available and recommended to ensure a safe and relaxing daytrip.
  • The rainforest in Morne Trois Pitons National Park contains a landscape that will entice you. You begin to smell the orchids and wild ginger as you become engulfed in a forest of ferns and palms. There are six hiking trails within the park, and you can picnic at Boeri Lake and Freshwater Lake for lunch.
  • The Caribe Territory is home of the Carib Indians, descendants of the island’s original inhabitants. Farmers by trade, they still sell baskets, canoes and other traditional items.
  • Romantics, this is for you! Trafalgar Falls, where you can swim in the emerald pools at the foot of a glorious waterfall, provides an intimate scene that can satisfy anyone’s fantasies. However, don’t be so distracted that you forget to use caution when climbing on the slippery rocks around the pools.
  • To enjoy the historical architecture of Dominica, you must head for Roseau. The Catholic Cathedral and Anglican Church are well worth the time. The Old Market Square was the site of slave auctions and executions; however, it now sells local fruits and vegetables.
  • Take in a whale or dolphin watching tour. Dominica is actually one of the top places to observe Sperm Whales. There are many companies on the island offering boat charters to observe these amazing creatures. There is no “off season” for whale and dolphin watching. Word around town is that there is even a 90% chance to see one!
  • With drop offs so close to shore, fisherman will love the deep sea fishing in Dominica. Since there is no need to waste time or fuel to go out into the middle of the ocean, the chance to reel in a large catch is very high.
  • Dominica is a kayaker’s paradise. With choice of lake, river, or ocean, the possibilities for exploration are endless.
  • If outdoor adventure is what you yearn for, try seeing Dominica from cycle, horseback, or even jeep. Off road tours and riding horseback are some activities offered by companies on the island.

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