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Legal Requirements In Costa Rica

Costa Rica makes it simple for couples to get married there.  By law two witnesses are required to attest that they know the couple, that they are getting married of their own will, and that they are both single and legally able to get married.

Other than the witnesses, the following is all that is required:

A valid passport is required for the bride, groom and witnesses. Copies are presented to the notary before the ceremony.

Two witnesses must be present at the ceremony.

A certificate of marital status is required for the bride and groom.

Prior to the ceremony the couple must complete an information questionnaire.

There is no waiting period, documents do not have to be translated into Spanish, and original copies of documents are not required.

There is no licensing requirement and the names of the couple will remain as stated in their passports.  After the marriage certificate is mailed to them in their home country, they may wish to legally change the name of the bride, but in Costa Rica women do not change their names when they marry.