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What Barbados Offers

The island of Barbados is an ideal location for a Caribbean wedding and honeymoon. If you are interested in a wedding ceremony in Barbados, then you will want to review all of the information on the Caribbean weddings pages as they provide current and accurate information to help make planning your wedding easy.

What Barbados offers

Balmy year-round tropical weather with an average temperature of 78 degrees cooled by the trade winds

Over 60 beautiful beaches across 70 square miles surround the island

Watersports is a big part of the island’s activities and very popular for diving, surfing and fishing

It is the easternmost of the Lesser Antilles islands and, as such, enjoys the graces of two oceans, the Caribbean Sea on its west side and the Atlantic Ocean at its eastern side.

A large selection of beautiful oceanfront hotels and resorts located in some of the most romantic spots in Barbados.

If you are a history buff you will want to see the many historic attractions that Barbados offers and is managed by the Barbados National Trust.

Sporting activities include golf, tennis, polo, horseback riding, and cricket.

The island features local festivals and cultural events.

Enjoyable nightlife in Barbados at clubs, restaurants and lounges. A popular area that offers everything from street vendors, to high end restaurants is St. Lawrence Gap.