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Dominican Republic


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About The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic occupies two-thirds of Hispaniola Island. Covering an area of 18,703 square miles, it is the second largest nation in the Caribbean, with a population of 7.5 million.  The Caribbean wedding resorts on this island feature great Caribbean wedding locations and cater to both the wedding and honeymoon market.

ACCOMMODATIONS – The Dominican Republic has something for any honeymoon couple. Accommodations range from ultra-luxurious waterfront resorts boasting every contemporary amenity and service, to quaint villas and modern condominiums.

CALLING THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – The international telephone access code is 809. There are no city codes and phone numbers are seven digits long.

COMMUNICATIONS – To place an outgoing international call, dial 011 plus the appropriate country code and number. To reach directory assistance, dial 1411. There are numerous telecommunication centers in all the towns and cities where direct international calls can be made and faxes sent. Prices are very competitive and charges are usually calculated immediately by computer.

CREDIT CARDS – Credit cards are accepted by most hotels and restaurants but they are not accepted by all local merchants.

CURRENCY – The national currency is the peso; however, many merchants would rather accept U.S. dollars. The exchange rate floats around RD$14.50 = US$1.00.

DRINKING WATER – Drink only bottled water in the Dominican Republic. Water supplies become especially contaminated just after storms or hurricanes. In the event of a storm, stock up on bottled water.

ELECTRICITY – The current is 110 volts AC, 60 HZ. Two-pin plugs are standard.

TIME – The country is on Atlantic Standard Time all year long.

WHAT TO WEAR – Light, casual resort wear is fine for the daytime. Be sure to bring along a sports jacket and cocktail attire for evenings of dining, dancing and gaming in Santo Domingo or at any one of the island’s resorts. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are not permitted in landmark churches, casinos and some restaurants.