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Dominican Republic


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Most Romantic Spots In The Dominican Republic

Discover together the hidden treasures of Puerto Plata, a charming city of wooden houses and Victorian architecture.

A cable-car ride up Mount Isabel de Torres, 2,565 feet above sea level, rewards you with a sensational view of the city and the azure coast, in addition to a small collection of gardens atop the mountain. Surprise your sweetheart with a gem from the heart. The region around Puerto Plata is often called the Amber Coast because it’s the world’s largest source of clear amber. You wouldn’t forgive yourself if you went home without stopping by the nearby Amber Museum. Finally, if you miss it during the day, be sure to visit the Fort of San Felipe, an imposing stone fortress dating back to the 16th century. At night, it is outlined in a dazzling display of lights.

Los Charamicos, the western village of Sosua, is worth a trip just to experience a typical Dominican village atmosphere, complete with lively Creole restaurants and bars, street vendors and loud music.

Treat yourselves to a scrumptuous dinner for two at one of the upscale restaurants in El Batey, the eastern village of Sosua.

In Sosua, La Roca is the oldest bar, disco and eatery in one. With beautiful decor, comfy couches, good food and music, it boasts a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Downtown Puerto Plata features quaint gingerbread houses with white fences aflame with bougainvillea. The newly restored gazebo in the central square of Independence Park affords a romantic place to relax and recap your wonderful adventures.

Pick out the perfect memorabilia together at the Centro Artesanal, a shopping arcade that sells local arts and crafts.