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Most Romantic Spots In St. Martin

Stroll hand-in-hand through the oldest botanical gardens in the Western Hemisphere with the fragrant smells of exotic flora all around you.

Watch the sunrise as you climb through lush landscape to the peak of a 4,000-foot volcano. The view is unforgettable!

After diving into a crystal-clear pool at the foot of the one of the most beautiful waterfalls, couples become entangled with each other as they keep their love afloat.

Sink your feet into the black sands of unspoiled Questelles Bay and embrace your lover while the sun sets.

The nature trails of Buccament Valley are an excellent place to have a private picnic for two as you are enveloped in the canopy of the tropical rain forest.

For a night on the town for two, try Basils Too for dinner, wine and dancing the night away.

Dream of your future together as you venture to Mustique for a look at the homes of the rich and famous.

Port Elizabeth on Bequia is lined with quaint shops and restaurants where you can pamper each other with savory food and unforgettable gifts.

Couples always gather at Young Island for cocktails and a little mingling at sunset.