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St. Martin


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Nightlife in St. Martin

The French side of the island is more laid back at night than its Dutch counterpart. Most large hotels have music and dancing, but the most popular evening activity is fine dining. Some restaurants have live entertainment, however patrons usually rely on pleasant dinner conversation and a bottle of perfectly aged French wine.

Whatever it lacks in live entertainment, St. Martin makes up for it with scrumptious cuisine. It has earned a well-deserved reputation for being the capital of dining in the Caribbean. There are more than 50 places in Marigot, another 20 or so in Grand Case, with more sprinkled around the island’s interior. Visitors can taste dishes from a wide range of restaurants serving traditional and French nouvelle cuisine to spicy Creole and regional specialties. In addition, fares from other cultures including Italian, Swiss, Vietnamese and Chinese are available throughout the island. No matter where you go, you are sure to find delicious fresh seafood cooked to order.