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The Islands Of The Bahamas


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Island Adventures In The Islands Of The Bahamas

Each of the islands offers very different experiences but most of the islands have much in common.  The beaches in all of the islands are some of the best beaches in the world.  The soft white sand and crystal clear water makes all water activities a must when visiting the Bahamas.  The Bahamas has the clearest waters in the world with visibility of over 200 feet.

You will always find fishing to be a popular sport and local guides and boats are available.  Whether you enjoy sport fishing, or bonefishing, experiencing it with a Bahamian guide ensures that you will have an enjoyable experience.  Bring your catch to a local restaurant and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

For the action and adventure prone, surfing, snorkeling, and watersports are spectacular. Divers will find most of the islands of the Bahamas to be a treasure.  There is so much to see, and there is even a blue hole.  Each island provides a unique dive experience and most islands will have dive shops and instructors available.

In Grand Bahama, you can explore underwater caves.  Local tour operators provide kayak tours.  Bird watching is a popular sport for Grand Bahama. Nature lovers will enjoy the Abaco forest with virtually untouched natural flora and fauna.  The Abaco National Park includes 20,500 acres of animals and landscape that is protected and virtually untouched.

The Abaco Wild Horse Preserve is home to horses that have ancestry dating back to the horses Columbus brought over on his journey to the New World.  Tours are available to see and meet these beautiful creatures.

Art lovers and historians alike will want to visit the Loyalist Memorial Sculpture Garden which pays tribute to the survivors of slavery and the loyalists who began their lives over in the Bahamas.  The garden includes 24 different statues, all with a message, or representation of Bahamian history.