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Most Romantic Spots In Barbados

Barbados was made for lovers.  The sunny days, balmy nights and miles of postcard-perfect beachfront have made this a paradise for honeymooners.  The range of choices on Barbados means that there’s always plenty to do, unless you just want to kick back under a swaying palm and do nothing at all.

Harrison’s Cave is a natural wonder that’s even more wonderful when shared with the one you love.  A unique phenomenon of nature, the cave features water that cascades into deep emerald-green pools.

The splendor and beauty of the Flower Forest make this an especially romantic location with commanding views of Barbados’ Scotland district.  Be sure to stop and smell the sweet fragrance of tropical flora that surrounds you as you tour the grounds.

You’ll feel like you’re floating on cloud nine when you rent a raft and float along the calm waters of the western coast.

Stop off at as many rum shops as you can find for a sampling tour and a guaranteed memorable time. Barbados is the birth place of rum.

Enjoy the open-air nightclubs where couples dance the night away under the stars in a lush, tropical setting.  Hold each other tight as you sway to the sounds of calypso, reggae, jazz and rhythm and blues.