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About Bermuda

Bermuda is located approximately  670 miles off the coast of North Carolina.  The island sports a natural beauty and is surrounded by pink beaches, a rugged coastline, and beautiful blue waters perfect for diving, snorkeling and sportfishing.

Bermuda actually consists of many small islands, the largest of which is called Bermuda.  It is the host to the City of Hamilton and the Town of St. George’s.

 – The island is a primary cruise passenger port and can be accessed while on one of the many cruise ships that stop at Bermuda.  There are also daily scheduled commercial flights to and from Toronto, Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta.  There is also daily service to and from London.

ACCOMMODATIONS – There are a wide range of accommodations to base your Bermuda wedding party, including large and small hotels, resorts and villas.

CALLING BERMUDA – The international dialing code is 1-441-telephone number.

CREDIT CARDS – All major credit cards and traveler’s checks are widely accepted.  Cash advances can be acquired at any ATM using a VISA or Master Card.  If you need to cash a check, it can be done at The Bermuda Financial Network for a 3 percent fee.

CURRENCY – Bermuda dollars and US currencies are accepted interchangeably.  They trade at the same rate and have the same symbol.  All other currency will need to be exchanged at local banks.  ATMs are a good way to exchange money and are conveniently located around the island.

DRINKING WATER – The tap water in Bermuda is generally considered safe to drink.  The island relies almost entirely on its annual rainfall to provide the country’s entire source of water, although some desalination of seawater is taking place.  Bottled water is readily available throughout the island.

ELECTRICITY – Bermuda uses 110 volts, 60-cycle alternating current, the same as in the US and Canada.  European guests will require adapters.

TIME – Atlantic Standard Time.

WHAT TO WEAR – Informal by day and casually elegant by evening.  Some resorts and restaurants have more formal requirements and should be contacted in advance.

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