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Cayman Islands


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Island Adventures In The Cayman Islands

The perfect family vacation destination, Grand Cayman is full of adventures. At Boatswain’s Beach, site of the renowned Cayman Turtle Farm, children and parents alike can enjoy a fully interactive marine park–home to more than 16,000 endangered green sea turtles, exciting shark exhibits and a fabulous snorkel lagoon. At Stingray City, families can touch and feed stingrays, while snorkeling over magnificent coral reefs filled with colorful tropical fish.

In the Cayman Islands, fishing is often called the unofficial “national sport.” Prized game-fish like blue marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin (Mahi-mahi) and barracuda are caught year-round. And, you have the options of shore fishing, bottom and reef fishing and fly fishing.

Ever pet a stingray in an aquarium? How about petting a few dozen while wading in the Caribbean? The Stingray City Sandbar is one of the top Grand Cayman attractions and is home to a whole fleet of southern stingrays that congregate near the shore.
Cayman is one of the world’s top dive destinations. With more than 40 dive operations and almost 360 dive sites marked with moorings, adventurers from all over the world choose the Cayman Islands for the best of Caribbean diving. Our warm, calm waters, 100 ft. plus visibility and breath-taking variety of marine life offer a world of exciting logbook entries.

Snorkeling is Cayman’s greatest, easiest underwater adventure and an activity the whole family can enjoy. If you’ve only fantasized about peeking beneath the sea, there is no safer, gentler and more exciting place to learn this sport than in Cayman’s clear, current-free water.

There is every conceivable type of watersports in Cayman and the most popular include jet skis, kite surfing, paddle boarding, parasailing and boating.

Picture yourself horseback riding along the coastline with the Cayman breeze at your back. Choose from any of our local companies that do trail rides and seaside rides, morning or night.  A romantic evening ride is an equestrian adventure you will always remember.

There are so many things to see and do in the Cayman Islands.