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Legal Requirements For Getting Married In Dominica

Getting married on the beautiful island of Dominica is easy provided the couple follows the following suggested procedure:

Complete the marriage application form which must be signed by both parties and witnessed by a Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, Notary public, Commissioner of Oaths, or Registrar. Application forms are available at or

The online Application Form requires a notarized copy of the couple’s identification, either their passport or other home-based government issued identification.

The fees depend on the length of residency of the couple.

Attach the following documents to the marriage application:

A certified copy of Birth Certificate from each applicant.

If married before, Decree of Divorce or Death Certificate of former spouse.

One passport-sized photo of each applicant.

A non-marriage certificate to ensure that the applicants have never been married before.

Deed Poll if there have been name changes.

Evidence of consent if one of the applicants is under 18 years of age.