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What St. Kitts & Nevis offer
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St Kitts and Nevis are mountainous siblings and share the St. Kitts-based government.


St Kitts

St Kitts is an island that has set aside more than a quarter of its land as a National Park, with a rainforest that is actually expanding in size rather than shrinking.  If you are thinking of a St. Kitts wedding there are beautiful beaches, a historic church, unique inns and even a beach with the island of Nevis in its background.  To find out more about getting married in St Kitts and to speak to one of our Caribbean weddings specialists simply give us a call or fill in the “Contact Us” form.  If you would like to receive a complimentary Caribbean Weddings Magazine please fill in the contact form and you this will be automatically sent to you.  To request a free copy of Honeymoon Magazine simply drop us a note at  

St Kitts offers:

  • Natural hot spring baths
  • Unspoiled wildlife havens
  • Bright sun, white sand and clear water
  • Enchanting plantation inns



Nevis is the smaller of the two islands.  Nevis has beautiful beaches for a Caribbean wedding. This 36-square-mile sombrero-shaped island lies near the top of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, about 200 miles south of Puerto Rico, and just west of Antigua. The charm and tranquility takes you back to a time when things were simpler, when life was more peaceful, when stress was just a word, not a way of life. This island jewel is approximately 7 miles long and 5 miles wide, with natural vegetation that is unparalleled. If you are interested in a Nevis wedding please let one of our Caribbean weddings experts assist you. To receive a complimentary Caribbean Wedding Magazine simply fill out the “Contact Us” form and one will automatically be sent.  

Nevis offers:

  • One of the remaining unspoiled islands with natural beauty
  • Beautiful beaches with white sand and clear water
  • There are rainforests, reefs, and ruins of Nevis for people who enjoy the natural side of the tropics
  • There are inns, small hotels and a luxury resort on the island
  • Incredible foliage and fauna

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