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Getting Married in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta


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Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta

Select from small cantinas featuring local music or contemporary lounges with the latest hits. Some of the spots not to be missed include Christine, Carlos O’Brian’s, the De Santos Bar, and the Zoo Bar Dance.

Nestled on the Pacific Ocean, this Mexican paradise is home to some of the best restaurants in Mexico. With more than a thousand places to dine, including international award-winning venues where sophisticated palates find themselves approaching nirvana.

The nightlife scene in Puerto Vallarta is very eclectic with everything from traditional Mexican music to reggae or techno. There area all types to choose from.

The resorts in the area offer a variety of entertainment options and resort hopping is recommended as each offer something you should experience.

Marigalante Pirates of the Bay is one of Puerto Vallarta’s best known party boats. Enjoy a sunset dinner cruise means not only a delicious dinner, but the fun and excitement of being entertained by mariachis, games, contests, a show featuring pre-Hispanic dances and music, and the crew.

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