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U. S. Virgin Islands


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About The U.S. Virgin Islands

LOCATION – Near the top of the Caribbean chain, the U.S. Virgin Islands are just 80 miles east of Puerto Rico at about 18 degrees north latitude and 65 degrees west longitude. These islands are very popular and provide many locations for a Caribbean wedding and honeymoon.

ACCOMMODATIONS – Resorts and hotels to fit any budget. Contact us for more information about the best wedding resorts in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

COMMUNICATION – Visitors with cellular phones dial 6611 for information.

CREDIT CARDS – Credit cards are usually accepted. If you run into problems, several major banks have branches on the island and automatic teller machines are available everywhere.

CURRENCY – The American dollar is used as currency.

ELECTRICITY – Electrical outlets on the island take standard North American current, with a 120 volt/60 cycle.

TIME – The islands are on Atlantic Standard Time. This means that they are 1 hour ahead of New York and Montreal, 5 hours behind Frankfurt and Paris, 13 hours behind Tokyo, and 14 hours behind Sydney.

WHAT TO WEAR – Dress is casual during the day. Bathing suits are for the beach, not for the streets. Nights here can be cool, so bring along a light sweater. It’s rare you will need it, but just to be safe bring a jacket and tie along. They may be required for some of the fancier resorts and restaurants.