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Area Adventures In Cozumel

World renowned for its reefs, diving is one of the most popular activities in Cozumel.  Crystal-clear waters captivate divers, who come here for the wealth of coral reefs surrounding the island.  Cenotes (sinkholes resulting from the collapse of limestone that exposes groundwater) can also be explored by swimming, snorkeling, or diving.

Cozumel’s warm tropical waters are home to more than 200 species of fish.  Fishing in Cozumel is considered one of the best places to enjoy sport fishing.

Discover Mexico theme park, the largest attraction on the island, presents the country’s different historical periods, from pre-Hispanic to contemporary times.  It offers a spectacular journey, exhibiting enormous models of the most representative of Mexico’s archeological sites and buildings.  It also has a museum that houses temporary exhibitions, making it an excellent option for family fun and education.

Palancar National Park is another site not to be missed.  The park is located on the famous Palancar reef, better known as the “Queen of the Black Coral,” with visibility of up to 165 feet.  A big attraction is the statue of Christ submerged 10 feet underwater.  Visitors can also rent water sports equipment, and there is a restaurant and bar for refreshments.

Kayaking in Cozumel can be magical.  There are various beaches perfect for the activity where transparent acrylic kayaks are available, letting kayakers observe marine life in its natural habitat.  The best beaches for kayaking include Playa San Francisco with gentle waves, making it ideal for all the entire family, and Playa de San Juan, also with tranquil waves but deeper water.

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