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Legal Requirements For Getting Married In Cozumel

Getting married in Cozumel is relatively easy.

Each of the spouses must submit the following documentation:

Original passport or birth certificate apostilled by the Secretary of State of the entity where the document was certified. The birth certificate must include a photo I.D. and correct name.

Tourist immigration document.

Medical certificate (blood test) issued within 20 days before the wedding date. It is preferable that this analysis be performed in Mexico where the medical certificate is obtained in one day. If done in the U.S. it requires a check by a Mexican doctor.

Complete documentation will be delivered with 72-hour notice.

There is no minimum stay requirement for couples who marry in Cozumel.

Four witnesses over 18 years of age. Those who are Mexican nations must submit a copy of their voter registration card. U.S. citizens must present a copy of their immigration form and identification. Foreign citizens must submit a copy of their immigration forms and passport identification.