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Island Adventures In Curacao

Curacao has over 17 visitor beaches; however, swimmers will want to stay on the southwestern coast, as the water is much calmer there.

The island has three different golf courses for guests to enjoy.

Watersports of just about every kind are popular on the island of Curacao, the most popular of which are kite surfing and wind surfing.

Many of Curacao’s interesting places can’t be reached by normal car or public transport. For these places visitors will need an all-terrain vehicle with an experienced guide.

Curaçao has been a major trade center for hundreds of years, so it’s not surprising that stores are stocked with quality items from around the world. Stroll amidst exquisite, centuries-old buildings. All this makes the Curacao shopping ambiance very special.

The people of Curaçao have never been intimidated by color, nor have they ever held back on their interpretations of the vibrant colors surrounding them. These hues have inspired some formidable artists on the island. Curaçao is a creative melting pot, housing over 30 artists originating from Curaçao and all over the world.  Visit one of the local art galleries and take a little bit of Curacao home.

Diving in Curacao is a unique and must-do experience for many reasons. It is set apart from other Caribbean islands because of its assorted sea life, varied underwater scenery and the convenience of the reefs being so close to shore. It’s not unusual to see turtles sunning and whales cruising through the water.

At the western end of the island is Christoffel National Park. The park consists of three former plantations and 20 miles of trails with exotic gardens. Cacti grow up to 10 feet tall and several different species of orchids, some of them extremely rare, can be found blooming on them.

The Curacao Museum is set up in a historic building dating back to 1853. This spacious museum is the island’s largest, with a permanent collection of antique period furniture, including some exquisite mahogany pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, antique maps of Curacao and the Caribbean, and Indian art.

The fish and coral aren’t just limited to the ocean and beaches. Be sure to visit the Curacao Sea Aquarium that has over 400 ocean species on display.