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Most Romantic Spots In Curacao

Nothing in the Caribbean beats the romance of standing atop the bluff at Boca Tabla, watching the waves crash against the rocky northern coast for miles in either direction.

Getting to know the Curacao countryside is an exercise in romance and adventure. Take a jeep safari along narrow roads that pass grand estates, caves, flocks of flamingos, fields of cactus and heavenly beaches.

Satisfy your wanderlust with a canoe safari along the breathtaking south coast of Banda Abou. Be sure to bring snorkeling gear along and enjoy lunch served on the beach in the shade of a coconut palm.

A moonlight cruise is an experience no couple will soon forget as the wind and salt spray fan you.

No honeymoon couple should miss the Hato Caves formed from coral thousands of years ago when the island was still totally submerged.

Horseback riding beckons adventurous couples to ride into the sunset atop their mounts as lovers did in centuries past.

Feel like smitten teens as you tour the Amstel Brewery and stop to join the gang for a sampling of the brewery’s best.

There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset with a loved one after your romantic Curacao wedding. In Curacao, take in the beauty at Jeremi Beach. It is home to coves, clear water and, most importantly, the best view to watch the sunset on the island.