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About Grenada

Located in the southernmost part of the Windward Islands, Grenada is the smallest independent nation in the Western Hemisphere. The egg-shaped island is 12 by 21 miles in size.  The island has beautiful beaches and welcome guests to have their Caribbean wedding and honeymoon on the island.

ACCOMMODATIONS – While there are some larger resorts, hotels tend to be intimate and casual. The choices range from brand-name hotels and wedding resorts in Grenada to independently-owned inns, apartments and cozy guesthouses.

CALLING GRENADA – International direct dialing is available from most hotel rooms. Calls are on a per-minute minimum, plus a 10% government tax. The area code for Grenada is 473.

COMMUNICATIONS – Boatphone, a mobile cellular phone service (USA AMPS) is available for land and marine use. Many charter yachts offer the Boatphone service. Coin and card phone services are available for both local and overseas calls. Prepaid cards can be purchased at Grentel offices and at the cruise department of the Grenada Board of Tourism.

CREDIT CARDS – Credit cards are accepted by most hotels, restaurants and merchants that cater primarily to tourists; however, they are not accepted by most car rental companies. On the other hand, travelers’ checks and U.S. currency are both widely accepted.

CURRENCY – The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, which is pegged to the US Dollar. Banks will exchange EC$2.67 for US$1.00 cash, and EC$2.68 for US$1.00 in travelers’ checks. For the most favorable exchange rates, exchange currency at a bank.

DRINKING WATER – While drinking water is generally safe, visitors are advised to watch out for contaminated water in the aftermath of storms or hurricanes. In the event that a storm is on the way, stock up on bottled water, which is readily available.

ELECTRICITY – The current is 220/240 volts AC, 50 Hz. Visitors from abroad who wish to operate personal electronics should bring along a plug adapter and transformer.

TIME – Grenada is on Atlantic Standard Time.

WHAT TO WEAR – Light, casual attire is perfect for daytime activities, while semi-formal attire is the preferred style for an evening out. Bathing suits or mini-shorts should not be worn on the street or in public areas other than the beach. Long pants and sturdy rubber-soled shoes are recommended for hiking.