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Legal Requirements For Getting Married In Grenada

Getting married in Grenada is not complicated and may be accomplished by adhering to the following requirements

Obtain a certificate of non-marriage for each of the parties in their country of residence. This consists of a letter from a clergyman, lawyer or registry (on official letterhead) attesting to the fact that the parties have not been married previously.

If either party is divorced, the final divorce document must be presented.

If a minor is a party to the marriage (under 21 years of age) a special form must be obtained from the Office of the Prime Minister (473-440-2255/2265), signed by the parties’ parents and certified by a Notary Public.

All documents must be presented in English. If they are in another language, they should be translated to English and certified by a Notary Public.

Passports and birth certificates of both parties must be presented.

Applicants must be resident on the island for 3 days before making application for a Marriage License.

There is no requirement for a blood test.

All documents must be presented to the Registrar’s Office in the Ministry of Health.

The applicable fee must be paid in the Treasure for the license.

Documents and stamps must then be presented to the Cabinet Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office. For divorced parties, the Cabinet Secretary will send documents to the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

The total time required to obtain a marriage license is normally 2 days.