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Most Romantic Spots In Grenada

One of the most romantic locales on the island is world-famous Grand Anse Beach. It’s a two-mile stretch of glorious, golden sand lapped by tranquil aquamarine waters.

Take your loved one on a picnic overlooking Annandale or Concord Falls and enjoy a leisurely repast to the sound of crystal clear water cascading into jewel-like pools where the swimming is heavenly.

Come on in, the snorkeling and diving is fine in the narrow strip of sea that separates Grenada’s two sister islands—Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

Everyone’s a newfound friend for couples who visit the Saturday morning market in Market Square. It’s the center of civic and social life in the capital city and vendor’s stalls line the streets on Saturday mornings.

Leave the bustle of Market Square behind by strolling down Granby Street to the Esplanade, which offers a panoramic view of the Caribbean that is especially romantic at sunset.

Hit the beach and laze in the sun at Levera National Park, a coastal area acclaimed for the natural beauty of its golden beach, coral reefs, beds of sea grass and abundant marine life.

Mt. Carmel Waterfall is the highest of the island’s waterfalls. It is actually two different falls over which water tumbles more than 70 feet into the pools below. It’s a sight worthy of being shared by two.

To ensure a long and happy future together, newlyweds mustn’t overlook a visit to River Sallee boiling springs, about one and a half miles north of Lake Antoine. Noted for their unique volcanic geololgy, the springs are also a natural wishing well.

Another favorite stop for honeymooners is Carib’s Leap. Located directly north of the town of Sauteurs, it is a steep cliff face that descends vertically some 100 feet into the sea. It was from the top of the cliff that Grenada’s last remaining Carib Indians hurled themselves in 1651, preferring suicide to domination by the French.

In Grenada’s Central Range, the volcanic mountain peaks rise to more than 2,000 feet. Here, the most beautiful spot of all is Grand Etang. It is a crater lake 1,700 feet above sea level. Surrounded by the island’s most pristine rainforest, the steamy ambiance is sure to ignite the fires of love.