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St. Barts


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About St. Barts

125 miles east from Puerto Rico, and 15 miles southeast from St. Maarten. It is small, a little more than eight square miles.  St. Barts is a popular island for a Caribbean wedding and honeymoon.

ACCOMMODATIONS – Hotels, villas, and cottages.

CREDIT CARDS – Travelers’ checks and major credit cards are widely accepted.

CURRENCY – Legal tender is the French franc.

DRINKING WATER – Tap water is drinkable in most places and excellent local bottled water is available in stores and restaurants.

ELECTRICITY – 220 volts AC, 60 Hz (outlets accept European-style two-round-prong plugs).

TIME – St. Barthelemy is on Atlantic Standard Time, one hour ahead of Eastern standard time.

WHAT TO WEAR – St. Barts is very informal. Casual sports-clothes in cotton, and other light fabrics are fine by day, as are jeans, T-shirts, etc. (Bathing suits are for the beach, pool, or yacht, but not for town.) At night, women often dress for dinner in whatever happens to be fashionable in resort-wear. Ties and jackets are never required for men. For more information about legal requirements to get married in St. Barts, or wedding and honeymoon packages, contact us.