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St. Barts


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Most Romantic Spots In St. Barts

There is nothing more romantic than walking along the beach hand-in-hand, combing the beach for exotic seashells at Petite Anse de Galet, also known as Shell Beach.

Take a dirt road down to the beach of Gouverneur while enjoying the panoramic views of the neighboring islands. The beach itself is a private getaway with white sand and palm trees for shade.

A music festival is held annually in January with two weeks of classical, folk, jazz music and ballet performed by local school children, guest artists and musicians from abroad. Don’t miss the chance to dance the day away with the one you love.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore some underwater caves and fascinating marine life together.

Join the locals at Le Select for drinks and chatting in the evening.

Spend the evening feeding each other succulent, regional cuisine from your choice of 60 restaurants with chefs from France.

Chic boutiques in Gustavia are popular for their perfumes and fine wines, so spend the day together sniffing and sipping.