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Antigua & Barbuda


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About Antigua & Barbuda

As the largest of the Leeward Islands, Antigua encompasses 108 square miles. Surrounded by coral reefs, the coast is rugged with many sandy bay areas. Located just north of Antigua, Barbuda is a coral island encompassing 62 square miles. These islands provide an ideal setting for a Caribbean beach wedding.

ACCOMMODATIONS – The choice of island accommodations runs the gamut, from upscale and elegant to affordable. Antigua and Barbuda wedding hotels and resorts are equipped with modern conveniences and many offer a full range of on-site facilities and amenities.

CALLING ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA – The dialing code to Antigua and Barbuda is 268.

CREDIT CARDS – Most hotels, restaurants and stores accept major credit cards, although it’s best to check beforehand if you are going to a small local restaurant or shop. Travelers’ checks are accepted everywhere.

DRINKING WATER –The water is generally safe to drink; however, bottled water, is the recommended choice.

ELECTRICITY – The electrical current is generally 220 or 110 volts AC depending on the part of the island you are visiting.  Tourists are advised to bring a plug adapter and transformer if they wish to use personal electronic items.

TIME – Antigua and Barbuda are on Atlantic Time, which is one hour ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

WHAT TO WEAR – Appropriate dress is casual and comfortable. Nudity on beaches and bathing suits on the street are not acceptable. Some hotels may require a tie and jacket for men and dresses for women in the evening.


About Barbuda

Barbuda is one of those very few islands in the Caribbean that remains — and probably will remain for some time–so undeveloped as to seem positively deserted at times.  Barbuda can be reached from Antigua, either by air (a 20-minute flight, twice daily) or by boat (in three hours). The island is home to the K-Club resort, Coco Point Lodge and Hotel Palmetto resorts.

Barbuda provides Antigua wedding couples with the ability to hop over to the island if they are interested in a second location for their honeymoon stay.