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Antigua & Barbuda


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Nightlife In Antigua & Barbuda

Some of the larger hotels provide dancing, calypso, steel bands, limbo dancers and nighttime barbecues. Hotel-hopping is one of the recommended ways to enjoy nightlife.

Here are some of the favorite night spots:

Rum in the Ruins is a sundowner tour in and around Nelson’s Dockyard and is a walking tour that concentrates on Antigua’s fascinating history and maritime heritage. A local expert tells stories of what life was like here in the 18th century. Learn how Antigua was connected to the wider world and how sugar and rum shaped both the landscape and people’s lives.

Kon Tiki Bar is a unique spot to enjoy cold beverages with sea views, floating in the waters of Dickenson Bay. Its hosts will happily pick you up in their dinghy. With its thatched roof and wooden deck, this rustic place has bucketloads of charm.

Cloggy’s is a bar located on the 2nd floor of the Antigua Yacht Club Marina Building. That extra height makes it easy to admire the view of beautiful Falmouth Harbor and the mind-blowingly expensive yachts that bob up and down on its calm water.

King’s Casino is one of several casinos where you can try your luck in Antigua. You’ll find it in St John’s, close to the cruise ship terminal. It boasts around 350 slot machines, one of which claims to be the world’s largest. Named Colossus, offers a substantial $50,000 prize pot.

Abracadabra is a popular disco venue in Antigua that’s been around since the 1980s. Regulars affectionately refer to it as Abras. Once dinner service is cleared away, the lights dim and the music’s turned up. Reggae and disco will please those wanting to dance, while smooth jazz and mellow sounds from the chillout lounge dial back the energy levels.