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Most Romantic Spots In Antigua & Barbuda

Planning your Caribbean wedding in Antigua and Barbuda?  When visiting both islands, the brilliant sunsets and tranquil sounds of lapping waves alone will create an atmosphere of romance and bliss. However, venturing to some of these spots will reward couples with memories of quiet interludes and shared adventures that will last a lifetime.

Nothing will keep the heat of passion burning more brightly than a romantic sail for two, and boat rentals are readily available.

With hundreds of reefs and wrecks to explore, couples owe it to themselves to try scuba diving and snorkeling for two and if you do, don’t miss Cades Reef.

If it’s true that couples who play together stay together, windsurfing will strengthen the ties that bind.

Holding hands while exploring St. John’s Anglican Cathedral will bring any couple closer together.

The church was originally built of wood in 1681. The present stone structure was completed in 1848.

Be sure to take a romantic drive along scenic Fig Tree Drive. The road winds through rolling hills where the motorists can take in the sight of lush vegetation and a natural rainforest.

Enjoy being together alone on one of Barbuda’s spectacular and secluded beaches.

Even for couples who are not experienced bird watchers, Frigate Bird Sanctuary is a must. Cuddle up and enjoy the 40-minute boat ride to Codrington Lagoon where you’re in for a treat—one of the world’s most important nesting sites for the endangered Frigate Bird, which can neither walk nor swim.

What could be more special than sitting at a quaint cafe and trying the exotic local bill of fare.  Specialties include deer meat, land turtle, crab, conch and goat, with side dishes of rice and dumplings.