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Trinidad & Tobago


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About Trinidad & Tobago

Officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the islands are situated north of Venezuela. The island of Trinidad covers an area of 1,864 square miles and Tobago encompasses 116 square miles. The population is 1,328,000.  Trinidad and Tobago are becoming popular as a unique destination for a Caribbean wedding. For more information regarding legal requirements to get married in Trinidad & Tobago, contact us.

ACCOMMODATIONS – Resorts and hotels.

CALLING TRINIDAD – Local area code is 868.

COMMUNICATION – Telephones are widely available for local and international calling. Faxes are available in most hotels.

CREDIT CARDS – Credit cards are accepted in the cities at moderate-to-high-end stores and restaurants. Rural areas usually require cash.

CURRENCY – Trinidad and Tobago dollar – TT$.

ELECTRICITY – 110 or 220 volts, so ask your hotel which one they use and pack an adapter just in case.

TIME – The islands are on Atlantic Standard Time.

WHAT TO WEAR – Casual elegance is customary for the daytime. Evening attire is more formal. Swimwear is not appropriate away from the beach or pool.