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Island Adventures In Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain, has streets lined with colonial houses along with soaring skyscrapers. Nineteenth-century mansions, known as the Magnificent Seven, stand at the end of a 20-acre park in the middle of the city. Out of these, you won’t want to miss the Stollmeyer Castle, a re-creation of the medieval castles on the Rhine.

Nature lovers will want to look in on the birds at Asa Wright Nature Centre, a 200-acre wildlife refuge. Hike through mapped trails to catch a glimpse of the more than 75 species of birds, including the only nocturnal fruit-eating bird in the world which breeds in caves at the center of the sanctuary. Also, don’t skip over the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, where the scarlet ibis create a red canopy as they camp out in the trees above for the night.

To find the perfect beach for you, pay a visit to the various beaches of Trinidad. There promises to be something for everyone. The most populated is Maracas Bay, with its beautiful coves and picturesque fishing village. If you’re looking for something a little bit more secluded, try Blanchisseuse on the northern coast. Las Cuevas Bay falls somewhere in between the two with fruit vendors and speckles of people.

Tobago reveals a drastic contrast to its counterpart, remaining virtually untouched for decades, except for a few restorations here and there in the capital of Scarborough. The outskirts of the town harbor feature the imposing structures of Fort King George, originally a French fort until the British captured it in 1793.

However tranquil it is, the islands’ claim to fame is their waters. With 130 to 150 feet visibility, even novice divers venture out to the many reefs encircling the island. Buccoo Reef is a marine park and land reservation with ponds, reefs and mangroves, which attracts international attention. If diving doesn’t convince you, then you can also see it on a glass-bottom boat tour.

Nearby, divers can swim with giant manta rays stretching 20 feet wide in the waters surrounding Bird of Paradise Island. This area is also said to be the home of the world’s largest brain coral. It’s no wonder that Jacques Cousteau named it one of his favorite diving spots.

For other water adventures, go for a swim in the Nylon Pool. This unique shallow pool of crystal-clear water is located in the center of the Caribbean Sea and offers a fun-filled day of frolicking in the water.

Gasparee Caves are a great spot to explore for the inner pirate in any traveler. The caves lie under ground and were once used by pirates to store their stolen treasure. The caves are also an intriguing example of the island’s landscape with stalagmites and limestone walls. There is even a crystal clear pool hidden inside.

Trinidad and Tobago is not short on snorkeling sites. There are numerous locations to swim and explore on both islands. Trinidad has Goat Island, Arnos Vale Bay, and Great Courland Bay. Tobago’s renowned snorkeling locations are Chacachacare and Saut d’ Eau Islands.

The El Tuucuche Reserve is sure to give any traveler plenty of one of a kind pictures to take home. Located on the second highest mountain in Trinidad, the reserve is home to 50 different species of bird as well as other native island wildlife like iguanas, deer, and wild pigs.

Witness the leatherback turtle’s egg laying ritual on one of the beaches on Tobago’s north west coast. Season for nesting begins in April and ends in July.

Sports lovers may want to catch a game of one of the island’s two favorite past times, Football/Soccer and Cricket. Matches and tournaments are held throughout the year, check schedules for the latest dates and times.